Infini Concepts Agency

We have a distinct passion for branding, entertainment and food that inspires every aspect of our consulting practice. This passion is an outgrowth of 20 years of successfully creating, managing, and operating within the food & beverage industry. With the restaurant and nightlife industry becoming globally more attractive but also more competitive, we wanted to be part of enhancing dining experiences, assisting in the global expansion of successful brands, manage day-to-day operations of venues in need of support or simply create and develop new concepts tailor-made to locations and markets. 


Working at Infini Concepts means working together to design, create, develop and produce work that we are proud of. We are a part of the global expansion of successful F&B brands and we’re here to help operations of all sizes start, run and grow their businesses.



Any successful business idea starts with passion and a drive to succeed. David Lescarret and Aleix Garcia share an undivided passion for hospitality, marketing, and creativity that continues to inspire every aspect of their pioneering agency. Infini Concepts was founded with the distinctive focus on uniqueness, creativity, and impeccable attention to detail. 

The team’s collective passion for empowering brands and bringing concepts to life has resulted in over twenty years of successfully operating, managing, and creating within the region’s food and beverage industry. Together, David and Aleix play a valuable role in enhancing guest experiences, assisting successful brands in global expansion strategies, and creating and developing new concepts tailor-made to unique locations and markets. 

From strategic layout reviews and restaurant design to financial audits, menu creation, and marketing campaigns, Infini Concepts is driven by the desire to go beyond the ordinary in delivering success.